Hi readers!

Recently I was talking to someone about my site and I realized I needed to make something important clear: that is the purpose of my site. Like my tagline says, this blog is about healthy eating, healthy cooking and healthy living. More specifically, this is a recipe sharing blog. I have been paleo for 2 years now. When I first started I didn’t know what I was doing and barely knew how to cook let alone create a recipe. Now that I have lots of experience and self-training, I branch out often creating recipes out of an idea of what sounds good or based off another recipe or combination of recipes. To be clear, not all the recipes here are my own. When they are not, I say so or provide links to the original. I also share where I got my inspiration. I hope you are encouraged by my story and start making recipes. Whether you use my blog, another blog or a combination of sources, please search out what sounds good, get in a store to get the ingredients, get in your kitchen and cook! I wish you all the best! Happy shopping! Happy cooking! Happy eating!


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