Whole 30 day 2

Meal 1

It’s not the prettiest picture or the coolest meal but it’s delicious and gets the job done: 3 scrambled eggs, a large handful steamed green beans, and 4 oz or so of seasoned taco meat with a banana. I am reusing recipes from the past do click links to see them. I outline how I make my eggs in the microwave below. It’s so fast I never scramble eggs on the stove anymore! I also had a cup of coffee with 1/3 cup or so of canned coconut milk.

Scrambled eggs

I googled how to do this and tried it with coconut oil and water instead of butter and milk.

3 eggs
Coconut oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Grab a bowl and add coconut oil (enough to coat the bowl-don’t be stingy, the added fat is good for you) and microwave 30 seconds until oil is melted. Swirl oil around to coat bowl. Then add eggs and a splash of water. Whisk eggs well and microwave for 1 minute (longer if you use more eggs). Stir eggs and return to microwave for 30 second intervals stirring between until fluffy and no longer soupy. Add salt and pepper to taste when finished (don’t add before or it toughens eggs). Enjoy!

Meal 2


It’s not a great picture because it’s a packed lunch and the air turned the avocado gray. But still tastes great. In the bag is a pear sliced. In the Tupperware is cut up pot roast (recipe below), microwave sweet potatoes , steamed broccoli, and leftover pico-guac. Click on the links for the repeat recipes 😊

Pot roast

My father-in-law gets meat at a great rate from a butcher so I sometimes shop from his freezer 😊 I got this beautiful roast from him and slowed cooked it on high for 4 hours with cut up 3 large sweet potatoes. I put a little olive oil then the whole roast and cut up sweet potatoes in the crock pot. I added a lot of coconut oil to add fat to the meal and help soften the sweet potatoes. I seasoned with lots of garlic powder, salt, pepper and a little red chili pepper flakes. To get the right seasoning you have to experiment and learn how much to use to suit your tastes. In general, more is better than less so feel free to sprinkle away! I
Mixed everything really well and rubbed the seasonings into the meal real well. I set the crockpot to high and cooked for 4 hours. I stirred the potatoes three times throughout the cooking process to ensure even cooking. It was done when potatoes were soft and the meat was 155 degrees internally.

Steamed broccoli

It’s really simple. Put broccoli in a bowl add some water cover and microwave until softened to your liking.

Meal 3


I’m trying to eat up what’s left in my fridge. So I had the pot roast from meal 2 (see recipe above), microwaved sweet potatoes from meal 2 (link above) with pico guac and the cucumber tomato salad from yesterday. See yesterday’s post for links and recipes 😊

Here’s the link to yesterday’s post



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