Jenny burgers

My favorite kind of seasoning on burgers. Try it!

4 ground beef patties
Worcestershire sauce
Granulated onion to taste
Granulated garlic to taste
Salt and pepper to taste
2 small tomatoes
1 yellow onion
4 leaves of romaine lettuce
Olive oil for cooking

Heat large skillet over medium heat and add some olive oil
Slice onion and add to pan with some salt
Stir occasionally until caramelized
Sprinkle the tops of the burgers with Worcestershire sauce and all the seasonings to you liking
Remove caramelized onions from pan and add a little more olive oil if needed
Add burgers to pan seasoning side down and season the other side in the pan
Cook on both sides for about 7 minutes per side
Place burger in lettuce leaf top with onions and wrap it up. Enjoy!


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