Hawaiian pizza salad

This recipe is BOMB! A must try!!!!

2-3 lbs pork shoulder
4 garlic cloves
1 yellow onion
1 tsp Garlic powder
Salt to taste 
1 head of hearts of romaine
1/2 lb pepperoni
1-20 oz can chunked pineapple
1 or 2 handful mushrooms
1 red bell pepper

Place the pork shoulder in a crockpot and cut 4 slits in it
Peel the garlic and stick it in the slits in the meat
Slice the onions and add to the crockpot
Sprinkle everything with garlic powder and salt
Cook on low 8-10 hours then shred
Chop the lettuce and dice the bell pepper
Assemble salad starting with lettuce and topping with pork, pineapple, pepperoni, bell pepper, and mushrooms
Eat your heart out!
No dressing is needed!
If you have leftovers, reheat the pork because it tastes gross cold. Enjoy this recipe!


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