Turkey chili

Beware, this is super spicy. I think it’s so spicy because I used hot chili powder.

Ingredients for the seasoning
1 cup chili powder
3 Tbs each of the following:
Minced onion
Seasoned salt
Minced garlic
Ingredients for the chili
2 lbs turkey
1/3 cup chili seasoning
1 bell pepper
1 yellow onion
2-10 to 14 oz cans tomatoes with green chiles
1-14 to 16 oz can tomato sauce

Mix together all the ingredients for the seasoning and store in a jar or bag
Brown turkey in a large pot over medium heat
Meanwhile, dice onion and bell pepper
Drain meat when no longer pink and return to pan
Add 1/3 cup of the seasoning, and the onions and bell pepper then stir around for about a minute
Add remaining ingredients, stir things around and simmer on low until onions and bell peppers are softened

Note: Next time I’m trying this with sweet potatoes in it. The recipes for the seasoning and the chili were adapted from southern living recipes I found on myrecipes.com.



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