Meal plans set 3

I only bought a few items this time since I stocked up on so much last time. I did stock up on some pantry items I use regularly that were out this trip. So reference check your pantry and fridge against this list to make sure you have everything you need. Also, I included the prices I spent on each item in case you were wondering how much I spend on food 🙂

Eggs with sweet potatoes or banana (and sausage some days)
Orange juice

Oranges and nuts
Apples and nuts
Watermelon and nuts
Lara bars
Sweet potato chips
Hard boiled eggs

Pre and/or post workout
Strawberry almond milk protein smoothie
Banana orange juice almond milk protein smoothie

Meals (for dinner-leftovers for lunch)
Mexican chicken bake
Sweet & spicy orange chicken with rutabaga and sweet potatoes fries
Spicy burgers with broccoli, sweet potato fries & ketchup

Shopping list

3 limes .72
1-24 oz bag Spinach 3.88
1 Rutabaga 1.58
5 Apples 2.36
1 melon 2.92
4 lbs Sweet potatoes 3.52
3 Bell peppers 1.74
1 cucumber .68
1 bag broccoli 3.98
1 head of lettuce 1.98
1.5 lbs Beef 4.62
4 lbs Chicken 8.04
2 Lara bars 1.96
1 carton Chicken broth 1.98
1 carton Vegetable broth 2.90
2-6 oz cans Tomato paste .78
1-28 oz can Crushed tomatoes .88
1-14.5 oz can coconut milk 1.78
1-20 oz can chunked pineapple .98
1-6 oz can medium olives .98
1 bottle Oj 3.58
1 carton eggs 18 ct 2.10


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