Meal plans set 1

I’m trying something new by adding my meal plans and shopping list so if you really wanna make my recipes along with me you can. I’m hoping you find it easy to take my list with you to the store, buy the ingredients, and then make the recipes at your convenience. Make sure that you double check my list against what you already have in your fridge and pantry so you don’t get things you already have. Also, I put my whole list (include items for breakfast and snacks) so keep that in mind if you have other breakfast or snack plans. I may also have already had some items from meal plans in my pantry or fridge so make sure you add items to your list you don’t have if you plan on eating them. Here goes this weeks plan:

Meals (dinner and leftovers for lunch)
Shredded chicken with salad
23rd of July Burgers with sweet potato chips
BBQ burgers with bell pepper, red onion and pineapple kabobs
Stupid easy shredded beef with salad
Steak and salad
Broccoli as a side with leftovers

Eggs with sweet potatoes or banana (and sausage some days)
Orange juice

Oranges and nuts
Bananas and nuts
Watermelon and nuts
Guacamole and chips*
Sweet potato chips
Lara bars
Cucumbers and dressing

Pre and/or post workout
Strawberry almond milk protein smoothie
Banana orange juice almond milk protein smoothie

Shopping list
1 pkg strawberries
1 pkg or head of romaine lettuce
1 pkg of nitrate free bacon
1 lb of Irish Butter
1 bag Sweet potato chips
1 bag Tortilla chips
3 large avocados
6 Lara bars
6 lbs sweet potatoes
1 watermelon
4 oranges
5 limes
1 red onion
1 Cucumber
1 bell pepper
1 bag of Broccoli
1 bag of spinach
1-20 oz can of chunked pineapple
1 pkg sausage
2.5 lbs ground beef
2-3 lbs bottom round roast
2 lbs flat iron steak
4-5 doz eggs
1 bottle orange juice

Message me on Facebook with you have any questions!! Good luck!

*tortilla chips are NOT paleo! I eat them anyway. If you have any suggestions for a switch to a paleo snack, message me on Facebook!


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