Paleo diet changed my life

My gym is having a paleo challenge which I think is awesome! Everyone who participates is going to learn that eating healthy really makes a difference. Healthy eating is not really that complicated. That’s why I love eating paleo. My gym’s challenge got me thinking about my switch to the paleo diet. I was thinking about how I never thought I could follow it. I thought I could never give up cereal, enjoy coffee black, eat just meats and veggies in a meal and be full, enjoy raw nuts or be satisfied with a snack of fruit and nuts. I was so wrong! Now I eat fruit and nuts twice a day or more without a second thought, I am satisfied with meat and veggie meals, I enjoy raw nuts and black coffee, I don’t miss my cereal and I love eating paleo! I also love that I lost weight and feel better about myself from dieting alone (no exercise). After losing the weight, I was confident enough to try CrossFit and learned that I love it. There are things I don’t like about eating healthy like cutting out certain foods but that’s what cheat days are for right? If you are considering a diet or lifestyle change, please look at my recipes and get started. Make the switch today, you will be glad you did!


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