Enchilada stew

I included what I spend for each ingredient to show how much this recipe costs 🙂

Serves 10

4 lbs meat 8.00
1 yellow onion .40
2 bell peppers 1.50
6 habaneros 1.31
2-4 oz cans diced chiles 1.16
4 Tbs coconut oil 1.25
1-28 oz can diced tomatoes 1.04
1-14 oz can tomato sauce .58
2 medium-large cloves garlic .10
2 Tbs cumin .46
1 Tbs chili powder (I haven’t figured out how much a tablespoon of this costs yet)
4 tsp oregano .04
Salt n pepper to taste .10
1 Avocado for garnish 1.00

Total $16.95
10 servings
$1.70 per serving

Chop onion, bell pepper, habaneros
Mince garlic
Add garlic, habaneros, bell peppers, onions, chiles, coconut oil, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, cumin, chili powder, oregano and salt and pepper to crockpot
Cook 7 hours on low or 5 hours on high
Shred chicken and stir sauce well
Serve with sliced avocado on to

Note: this is VERY spicy! Use less habaneros if needed or omit them if you prefer. I love this spicy creation adapted from paleomg


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