Fruit and nuts

What should I eat for a snack?

I wonder what I should have in between meals everyday! A few people have asked me what to eat for snack that is healthy. Here’s one idea that I’ve come up with that I eat almost everyday. It took me time to get used to some items, so if you don’t think you like something try it out a few times eating just a little bit and see if you develop a taste for it 🙂

Fruit and nuts

Raw cashews
Raw almonds
Raw hazlenuts
Raw Brazil nuts
Raw walnuts
Raw pecans
Raw macadamia nuts
Cran cherries
Crab strawberries
Mandarin orange
Any fruit you can think of!

In a ziplock bag mix up a handful of various raw, unsalted nuts which you can buy in bulk at most stores (WinCo has great prices on bulk nuts). No salted or roasted nuts because these are easy to over indulge in. For a pop of sweetness add dried fruits. Eat a handful of the mixed nuts alone or with a side of fresh fruit for a filling snack anytime, even more than once a day!

Bonus: Here’s a list of foods that I eat. If you’re looking for something different to try especially when it comes to fruits and veggies this is a great list to have and use! Shopping list


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